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Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Robert Johnson and more! Paul sings, plays guitar, slide and all other instruments!

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River Pearl from Paul Dougherty – 8 weeks at #1 on the Roots Music Report international German charts!



Also check out the new remix and remaster of the Paul Dougherty indie rock recording Beeswax (Redux) and the 2009 release and Americana charting Grace Under Water.

Bake It Black Records is proud to present River Pearl, an Americana lyrical tour de force recorded and written by Paul Dougherty reminiscent of Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Muddy Waters and Van Morrison.

River Pearl includes the harrowing Civil War song of the same name, opens with the blues fueled Rock Me to the Bone ala Muddy Waters and Stevie Ray Vaughn,  closes with the exquisite  Rusted Jesus, and in-between visits rural American times of the past with Teddy and the Dancin’ Bear, Cain and others, including the standout and gorgeous Van Morrison stylings of Honeysuckle (with jazz saxophonist Ian East).

Other songs include the beautiful Country/Western Time (Paul Hilton on pedal steel), the down & dirty Muddy blues of Eve of Destruction, Doin’ the Time and Black Cat Bone, the bluegrass song Memphis Son and the timely diatribe How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the NSA that isn’t out of place with the old Bob Dylan political comedy tunes, a song with references to Joseph McCarthy, Dick Cheney, Walt Disney, Ayn Rand, Glen Beck, Gordon Liddy, Nixon, Kissinger, Reagan and more!

River Pearl was recorded and produced in Munich by Paul Dougherty. All songs written by Paul Dougherty. We would like to thank Paul Hilton for his sublime pedal steel on Time and the brillant Ian East for his luscious sax playing on Honeysuckle. Ian can be reached at his website at www.saxsessionsonline.com.

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Additional Recordings from Paul Dougherty on Bake It Black Records include:

Beeswax the 2013 indie pop recording from Paul Dougherty that includes 9 new songs, including Honeycomb, Break Into, Shakes and Moon Man, a paean to Newt Gingrich and his plan to colonize the moon. All songs on Beeswax were written and recorded by Paul Dougherty in Munich, Germany.

The 25 Year Retrospective Evensong

Evensong includes songs from 6 CDs, a digi 45 and demos. Many of the recordings come from the critically acclaimed recordings Grace Under Water and I’m Only in It for the Money, as well as Don’t Look Back, a 2011 recording of songs that were written in the late 1980s and 1990s. Also included are tracks from the 2004 CD In My Living Room and songs from Paul Dougherty’s Nashville band days including songs from the Americana oriented The Uninsurables, the grunge avant garde Chilhowie and songs from 1987 with in a sense.

Standout songs include Just a Guy in a Band, Moon Man, Zoe, Shakes, Rusted Jesus, First Steps and many more. An interesting characteristic of the work created by Paul Dougherty is that the songs run a gamut of styles from punk to grooving rock, Americana to gorgeous Beach Boys pop.

The 2011 Release Don’t Look Back

“A master songwriter with unmistakable influences from Paul Westerberg” – San Francisco Chronicle

I’m Only in It for the Money (2010)

“One of the best rock recordings of the year” – Bender

Grace Under Water (2009)

Top 10 in Roots Music Report Folk Charts for Internet radio play

“Simply gorgeous” – CMJ

“A haunting and beautiful record that deserves your attention” – Clicks & Pops

“Grace Under Water is an incredibly strong work showing the craft and originality of a veteran writer and musician. ” – Top40-charts.com



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