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Paul Dougherty
Paul Dougherty
Paul Dougherty

“I suspect that I am the result of particularly weak conception on the part of my father. His sperm was probably emitted in a rather offhand manner.”

Paul Dougherty is an American living in Munich, Germany. Born in Houston, he grew up in Nashville and played music throughout the region in indie pop to Americana and roots groups. Influences include Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Van Morrison and punk groups such as Joy Division and the Flaming Lips.

Having already played in clubs with his father’s band (Tommy Dougherty, Hammond organ player and Nashville studio recording singer), Paul moved temporarily to Berlin in 1989. He witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall and was a busker to earn money during his stay. He started a punk band in Berlin called American Cheese Whiz and toured shortly opening for the legendary Einstürzende Neubauten.

After getting stranded in Berlin, in the summer of 1990 he made his way back to Nashville and cleaned up where he eventually started the avant garde indie pop band Chilhowie, a band which often included the impersonator Psycho Elvis. Chilhowie was voted second best Band of the Year in 1994 in the Nashville Scene Voter’s Poll.

In 2000, Paul Dougherty began the group The Uninsurables, an Americana genre group that was a big hit on the Nashville circuit. In 2002, they recorded the live CD Keep the Feet On which gathered rave reviews in the region.

Later in 2002, Paul Dougherty moved to Germany with his wife. Since then, he has played around Germany and parts of Europe, recording a variety of albums with the label Bake It Black Records in Munich, including the acclaimed roots CD Grace Under Water, which spent a month on the Roots Music Report Folk Charts, the indie pop recordings Beeswax, I’m Only in It for the Money and the retrospective Evensong.

Additional Art Works from Paul Dougherty

Paul Dougherty is also a photographer who works with digital photography and various analog and alternative processes such as lith photography (an exquisite process using lith developers), cyanotypes(one of the first photographic processes invented by Sir John Herschel in 1842), liquid emulsion, Gum bichromates (a multi print process using gum arabica and water colors), Tempera photography (similar to Gum bichromates but with egg!) and more. In addition he’s an oil painter and writer.

Paul’s father Tommy Dougherty was a regionally famous blues and soul musician who recorded the 45s Cold Cold World for TearDrop Records under the name of Tommy Jackson and Karate K K in Houston. In Nashville he was a recording artist for the famous Odyssey Productions company and recorded the gospel funk classic Touch My Soul for Emerald Gem and the self-titled funk/soul/pop record Tommy Dougherty.

The Paul Dougherty music discography includes these recordings, which you can download for free by clicking on the titles:

Spankin’ Hankin’ (Flac Format) 343 MBPaul Dougherty, Bake It Black Records 2017

Spankin’ Hankin’ (mp3 Format) 132 MB

Keep It In Your Pocket Paul Dougherty, Bake It Black Records 2016

River Pearl Paul Dougherty, Bake It Black Records 2014

Beeswax Paul Dougherty, Bake It Black Records 2013

Evensong Paul Dougherty, Bake It Black Records 2012

Don’t Look Back Paul Dougherty, Bake It Black Records 2011

I’m Only in It for the Money Paul Dougherty, Bake It Black Records 2010

Grace Under Water Paul Dougherty, Bake It Black Records 2009

In My Living Room Paul Dougherty, Bake It Black Records 2004

Keep the Feet On Paul Dougherty & the Uninsurables, 2002

Happy Hour Chilhowie, 1999

Paul Dougherty