Paul Dougherty

Lyrics – First Steps

Paul Dougherty Grace Under Water CD

The 2009 release   Grace Under Water

First Steps

Music & Lyrics Paul Dougherty

Take your first step, making it slowly
Use a little caution to get you through the day
Take your next step, move a little faster
Just around the corner and you’re on your way

Time has begun,
Soon, too soon, you will run

Now you’re running at double-break speed
Time is an alley to get you up that hill
Making love to the greatest of all notions
Got to get along, cause there’s all this time to kill

Time has come
And you, you just want to run

Now you’re slowing down the pace
You got major decisions to carry you through
Don’t know the answer, about nothin’
But you’ve got a little person screaming out to you

Time is sad and it’s fun
Sometimes you walk, sometimes you run

Shake off those last steps, going too slowly
Got to make up for what is not done
And then there’s time, it’s moving too quickly
It’s just over the hill, that’s where the hell it’s gone

Time, there was a time when you were young
But still, you just want to run

Take your first step, don’t need to rush it
Don’t worry what will happen, it’s a long way to go

©White Man’s Basketball 2009

Paul Dougherty