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Lyrics – Teddy the Dancin’ Bear

Paul Dougherty River Pearl

The 2014 release   River Pearl

Teddy the Dancin’ Bear

Music & Lyrics Paul Dougherty

The carnival rolled into town last Sunday afternoon
The church sermon had just ended and the preacher left too soon
Without the Lord’s Prayer, he bought tickets there
It featured the bearded lady and Teddy the Dancing Bear

They built the rides, tents and stands, it opened on Tuesday
I was walking you home from school and you had to practice for the play
But I didn’t care, the show was waiting there
It featured pretty mermaids and Teddy the Dancing Bear

I bought myself a ticket and went up to the corndog stand
Got myself some mustard all over my face and hands
They had Regal beer, and a sign that said Beware
I looked at the Siamese Twins and Teddy the Dancing Bear

I decided to go back Saturday and catch that wrestling act
Teddy wasn’t performing till then, they said he had a bad back
Needed rest and care, no worse for the wear
Two shows a day with the strong man and Teddy the Dancing Bear

That Saturday July evening I made myself some punch
I asked you if you wanted to go, but you hadn’t had no lunch
I wanted to swear, instead I took a chair
To the show with the two-headed midget and Teddy the Dancing Bear

I waited in line for hours to buy myself a ticket
To the wrestling match with Teddy and the strong man who had the rickets
I overheard him share with the lion trainer
The feature show would go on with Teddy the Dancing Bear

Teddy came out for the show in just his underwear
He looked more like a lover than he did a fighting bear
But I didn’t care, cause I saw you there
With the senior Billy Allen, his Mustang and James Dean hair

So I got myself some whiskey from my drunken uncle Bob
Didn’t care that I was under age, kept talking ‘bout his job
Worked part-time there at the County Fair
Cleaning up the cages for Teddy the Dancing Bear

I got myself good and drunk and started to make a scene
About how I was quitting school and joining the Marines
Threw up in despair, nothing was left but air
All over the face and paws of Teddy the Dancing Bear

A man jumped out of that suit as fast as he could scream
He had nothing on at all except a worn-out wedding ring
We just stood and stared, I grabbed him by the hair
Wound up the night in jail with that damn Teddy the Dancing Bear


©White Man’s Basketball 2013

Paul Dougherty