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Tommy Dougherty, the acclaimed singer and Hammond organ player, recorded the 1975 classic Touch My Soul on Emerald Records, a James Brown in the house gospel funk album. This was followed in 1977 by the Guiness Records collector’s item Tommy Dougherty, a mostly soul and funk recording including his classics Waydown Club, Higher Power and the exquisite classic Sail Away.

The albums Touch My Soul and Tommy Dougherty also feature Nashville’s great backing band from Audio Media: Eddie Bayers on drums, Dennis Burnside on keyboards, Jack Jackson on bass and Paul Wurley on guitars, along with the soulful backing trio The Cherry Sisters and a horn section including the powerhouse Don Sheffield.

Tommy Dougherty also recorded the CD Still Got Wings in 2001, reminiscent of artists such as Ray Charles, as well as various other recordings, including the 1969 collector’s item Cold, Cold World on Tear Drop Records, a 45 soul record recorded under the artist name Tommy Jackson.

Tommy Dougherty played soul music in Houston during the 1960s before moving to Nashville, Tennessee where he sang and recorded in the clubs and studios around Music City, USA. He sang numerous commercials and sound-alikes, but his soulful and funky recordings of his own music stand out the most.

Tommy Dougherty played in Houston bands such as Soul Incorporated and in the early 70s Nashville band Clarence Perry and the Mercy Blues at the Backstage club, at that time the only rock n’ roll bar in country town. Playing packed houses of around 600 people a night 5 nights a week for a couple of years during the roaring early 70s – what would shortly afterwards become the inspiration for the song Waydown Club, he worked on his craft and started getting attention from the music industry side.

After turning down various offers and doing some writing for the House of Cash (Johnny’s place), he signed an artist contract at Audio Media Studios in order to record blues, funk and soul.

Audio Media was a new studio in 1974 on Music Row, a partnership consisting of Jack Jackson, Pat Patrick, Lou Lafredo and the litigiously marred Paul Whitehead . The studio band consisted of Eddie Bayers on drums, Dennis Bernside on piano, Jack Jackson on bass and Paul Wurley on guitar, all musicians and makers who went on to provide the backing sound for many of the great records recorded in Nashville.

In 1975-76, Tommy Dougherty and this cast of musicians, along with The Cherry Sisters on background vocals and a great horn section including Don Sheffield recorded a rocking funk and gospel blues record called Touch My Soul. Tommy wrote most of these songs and sang a few classics such as Amazing Grace.

In 1977, Guiness Records released Tommy Dougherty, an album of funk, soul and pop songs recorded during that time at Audio Media.

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